Cancellation, Return and Refund.

We understand that there will be genuine reasons when you decide to cancel an order. You may cancel your order before delivery by calling customer care number 1800 123 2428.

  • During order delivery, Medwik’s delivery team requests every customer to verify the contents and provide an acknowledgment confirming the correctness and completeness of the order.
  • In case of any discrepancies including tampered order box or contents, please alert the delivery team or call us on our customer care number 1800 123 2428 for resolution.
  • Once the order is verified and acknowledged by the customer, the order in full or part cannot be returned unless there is a defect in the delivered order which is highly unlikely.
  • Refunds will be processed only for defective and incorrect deliveries.
  • Refunds amount will be adjusted against next orders after the returned medicines have been received at our store
  • All returns and refunds will happen in full and not in part. In case there are part items qualifying for returns and refunds, it is always processed for the full order and invoice. We will not process partial delivery or returns.