Parawax Ear Drop


10 ml in 1 packet

Prescription Required


Parawax Ear Drop is a combination of four medicines: Benzocaine, Chlorbutol, Paradichlorobenzene and Turpentine Oil. Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. It works by blocking pain signals from the nerves to brain which decreases sensation of pain. Chlorbutol is a preservative. Paradichlorobenzene is an ear wax softener which dissolves the ear wax while exerting antibacterial and antifungal actions. Turpentine Oil is a lubricant.

Common side effects of Parawax Ear Drop

How to use Parawax Ear Drop

This medicine is for external use only. Take it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Hold the dropper close to the ear without touching it. Gently squeeze the dropper and place the medicine inside ear.


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